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Fusion Girl PresetsThis can be used to allow NPCs to use all kinds of clothing and allow for companions to wear outfits without having to build their specific preset. Trying to convert the following CBBE bodyslide preset: (warning NSFW) here to an identical fusion girl version. CBBE is the most used so if you want armor/clothing mods choose that but Fusion girl with ocbp - ocbpc physics is just chef kiss. Dreamchaser's Fusion Girl Preset. (Josie Body 2 - CBBE Bodyslide Preset) folder. CBP Physics Preset - A somewhat more realistic movement. Your radiation queen skin is great too, its 4K instead of the. Page 1 of 2 - Kharneths Fusion Girl Presets - posted in File topics: Kharneths Fusion Girl Presets Set of three presets (or better said two and a half) for Fusion Girl Body. Also used by Garbage in "Stupid Girl". Now what you need to do is remove the feet. Top 15] Fallout 4 Best Body Mods That Are Excellent. Not to mention that many fusion girl outfits have too been tweaked good on the 7B bombshell slider. I modified the CBBE body with a preset and, to my surprise, it worked at first glance, clothing and armor got modified perfectly, but when I undressed Piper (Yes, Piper, shut up!) her body was the slim fusion girl body. +Ava Caravaggio LooksMenu and BodySlide Presets - Optional Cait Piper Curie Replacers; 3. Nov 26, 2020 · The Fallout 4 modding community has done a bang-up job cranking out thousands of mods that change everything about the game; sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the outrageous!. 61) Twelve Presets - Firm, Natural, Natural Soft and Soft. Learn more Nexus Mods Home Games. a Fusion Girl Body Preset at Fallout 4 Nexus. JaneBod BodyConvert Required If you use JB and want to add your Bodyslide Presets to all in game characters Emilie De Rochefort (Lili) Outfits FR bodyslide. Les presets de corps doivent correspondre au corps que vous utilisez (CBBE, Fusion Girl, SHB pour les mecs, etc. Gotta try this one out! Back to top #3 zytres. The cute preset by DonJunk does not lie; It’s cute and it is amazing. (Dreamchaser's Fusion Girl Presets - Cleavage) folder. Edited by Apokal, 09 October 2019 - 08:28 PM. There's literally no reason to use it over CBBE. Found: C:\Games\Nexus Mod Manager\Fallout4\Mods\Dreamchaser's Fusion Girl Presets - Cleavage-41155-1-1568567153. Fo4] Fusion Girl or CBBE? : r/FalloutMods. Build settler and follower outfits with a different preset and this will give npc's unique clothed body types. Demonstration of Fusion Girl 3BB and MTM OCBPC physic set to firm. LooksMenu by Expired6978 is an essential mod that adds engine modifications to improve character creation. ZeX - Fusion Girl A body replacer designed around the Extended Skeleton. If you look on the Nexus, more FG outfits or conversions from CBBE or Vanilla are coming out every week. ZeX - Fusion Girl Collection of textures and presets for t . Settings for chest armor on and off . This is mirror for CBP presets =====. Josie Body - A CBBE and Fusion Girl BodySlide Preset at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community. Updated Fusion Girl Bodyslide preset. You would select combat armor or flannel shirt then the 2nd one would be the Fusion girl body type or whatever body type / preset you have. This is your main body replacer for women in Fallout 4. I only changed the hair and added. Best Fallout 4 mods: Three different versions of the Vault Girl, Power armour requires fusion cores in order to keep moving, . Fallout 4 Fusion Girl Conversions Convert. Alloy Fusion Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s). Was that too much information?. MTM handles it all in-game, and much better than alternatives. A Small Collection of Presets for NPCs. Fusion Girl LooksMenu In-Game Sliders and BodyGen (Don't install the bodygen) Radiation Queen - Fusion Girl - CBBE - Skin Textures Now, presets with "Extended" on name will need Extended Facial Sculpting As i said, you don't neet to use fusion girl, but my presets have data that change the body if you are using it with the in-game sliders mod. Settings for chest armor on and off or ignore. short hairs and ponytails are … not worth the mess. cool finest sound for lead rock fusion guitar. Updated with two new body types (VaultMeat, Glowing Sea Triple DDD, Heather Casdin) and my personal Radiation King Male preset for Bodytalk 3. Fusion Girl still not Essential, but other mods will be, if you want to make the presets look like my screenshots. High FPS Physics Fix: This is required if you want to play above 60 FPS since the game's physics break without it. Josie Body 2 - CBBE Bodyslide Preset-15734-2--1597775212. You can turn adult content on in your preference, if you wish VORTEX The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Using this hack method will still give everyone the same body when nude though. Apr 20, 2021 · The file Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer ( CBBE ) v. Choose whatever outfits ( Fusion Girl -enabled) Choose Jose Body preset. Josie - A LooksMenu Preset by spacepoptart Dicky's Pinup Outfit Fusion Girl-CBBE-Legacy by Dickyftw . As my test, the 7B slider of fusion girl works best around 25-50%. Fallout Girls Presets V2 So I've expanded my collection of presets some time ago. You then only need the ID of the npcs and followers and set them to the specific preset. There are very few presets that I like to use whenever I play Fallout 4, but this one is a favorite of mine. FO4] Confused about body replacers : r/FalloutMods. Fusion Girl LooksMenu In-Game Sliders and BodyGen The mod add Fusion Girl in-game sliders for LooksMenu and BodyGen configuration files using Fusion Girl default presets. You then only need to know from which esp or sm your specific npc is. The default 7B morph you give is a bit too strong imho, 0. Twelve Presets - Firm, Natural, Natural Soft and Soft. It now includes my latest version of Eva plus some . Yes, Bodygen is a System that LooksMenu comes installed with that allows you to set up configurations to morph NPC bodies to varied presets you define. This version is pretty general and. Highlight the reference body/ hit mask weighted vertices or put the. The script works with Fusion Girl also, make sure you set the path right for phyton else it does not work at all. MTM 3BBB OCBP OCBPC Physics Preset. It even comes with additional features and quality of life like a larger feature list, saving and loading preset, and adding overlays to the existing body. Fallout 4 nsfw I tried to apply presets through bodyslide to my game. DUF); Full Wearable Preset; Alloy Fusion Top. Different people have different tastes in what they would consider being an attractive body. Fully Unique Bodyslide Skinned Genitals (Vagina/Anus). Demonstration of Fusion Girl 3BB and MTM OCBPC physic set to …. Radiation Queen Fusion Girl body presets. 3 is a modification for Fallout 4, a (n) rpg game. Help with fusion girl body mod. Fusion Girl (FG) is like CBBE, CBBE textures technically work with it, but the knees are done correctly, and it's designed for the new skeleton, but not as many mods are converted to it. Josie Body - A CBBE and Fusion Girl Bodyslide Preset. All contain Breasts, Belly, Butt and Thighs movement. How to Waifu in Fallout 4. If someone prefer building with a busty preset in bodyslide, while in game bodygen would make a npc way too busty if using 7B morph on her. Most stuff is made for either Vanilla or CBBE. This female-only face and skin mod has been on the Nexus almost as used in a significant portion of face preset and NPC overhaul mods. Back to top #2 emilking Posted 03 May 2019 - 06:34 PM Faithful poster Supporter 1,140 posts This certainly seems interesting. You want the face preset? It is a part of this highly recommended mod: Meet Companion Ivy. My presets were made to be used with Fusion Girl Body, so they all carry bodyslide data that you will need to adjust if you are using fusion girl, like me, and your base body, plus my presets, result in something weird. Note: Fusion Girl has more Breast and Butt bones with physics attached to them compared to CBBE, so the movement is different. However if that's why you want to change up, then it shouldn't be a problem, but you need to make sure all vanilla clothing and armour is converted unless you use unique player and a select few mod outfits. Senior Girl Poses, Senior Portraits, Photography Senior Pictures, . Dreamchaser's Fusion Girl Presets - Cleavage-41155-1-1568567153. You will need the vanilla outfits Fusion Girl conversion mod to do this. The only reason there are more outfits/armors/mods for CBBE is because CBBE has been around longer. Demonstration of Fusion Girl 3BB and MTM OCBPC …. Featuring animation friendly genitals, bodyslide compatibility and High quality Textures. Build all of your outfits in Bodyslide, and don't forget the Build Morphs checkbox. Fusion Girl - Body Slide Preset at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community. Nice presets, as the fusion girl body & texture are new builds im using, your presets are a great resource to further custom build without making saves for every new build I want to make, as fusion girl comes with a few presets as compared to cbbe which has many established presets. This video is a guide to get wasteland wide randomly generated character presets into Fallout 4! Body Gen Kit Download: . SOLO Fusion Girl - A Bodyslide Preset at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community home Fallout 4 Mods Collections Media Community Support search Log in Adult content This mod contains adult content. +Fusion Girl - BodySlide Project 3. ZCBP Configs (or MTM CBP Physics Preset) Zex Fusion Girl Josie Body (if that's being used) Body Talk V2 LOOT sort for right pane Then Bodyslide Choose whatever outfits ( Fusion Girl -enabled) Choose Jose Body preset Build My initial problem was the aforementioned mods weren't in that order. 10 Packs Cinematic LUTs Color Grading | Video | Desktop | Video Presets | Premiere Pro | Lumafusion| Final Cut Pro. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Many great Armor mods are using it as the reference. I only changed the hair and added some makeup AND feel a bit ashamed for using her face in the screencaptures. Bustier bust, better abs, slimmer legs but wider hips. User Libraries : Guitar Rig. MCP Actions offers a variety of Photoshop Actions including a set from Fusion, their most user-friendly workflow actions with beautiful . Josie Body 2 - CBBE Bodyslide Preset-15734-2-0-1597775212. My characters boobs clip, why? Long hairs (Like Esmerelda) are fitted to the Fusion Girl . This is Fission Gal, just a basic Fusion Girl preset! not much to it, and ofc pretty screenshots. you can swap body mods mid game, its hardly some sort of scripted overhaul. My initial problem was the aforementioned mods weren't in that order. Many mods and face preset will require you to have this mod installed. For me, I prefer a body that is not too slim and has enough curvature to be considered “stacked”, but not enough to go “oh god”. I'm not uploading the preset because I didn't make it. I stumbled across another post which partially indicated this load order, and I filled in the blanks. Thanks! Feedback: I agree, it's bit hit & miss, especially when fusing presets with clothes (and custom textures). Fallout 4 Convert CBBE to Fusion Girl 4K. Adjust Armpit Left Loosen; Adjust Armpit Right Loosen . CBBE for compatibility/outfit selection, FG (or others using ZeX, like TWB) for 'features'/skeleton improvements. Updated with two new body types (VaultMeat, Glowing Sea. Make sure you also have an outfit replacer, or everything you wear will either reshape the body to vanilla, or everything will start gapping and clipping. At the point where you import the fusion girl reference body then copy bone weights, You get to the confirm all then save project option normally- do that, (especially in case you make a mistake on the next part) name your project. Arideya's Corner — Fallout Girls Presets V2. Note: at the 2 1/2 minute mark after you load the conversion reference you need to select Sliders/Conform All so that when you move the conversion slider to. CBBE or Fusion Girl? : r/Fallout. Fallout 4] Le guide de la Confrérie pour Fallout 4. Different people have different tastes in what they would consider being an attractive . The clothing is *not* physics enable, and the body is *not* build into a physics preset. Share Requirements Permissions and credits Changelogs Fireapple's Radiation Queen. A collection of 20+ of my personal Fusion Girls that I use in game (Dressed and Undressed versions of each body). +Josie Body - A CBBE and Fusion Girl BodySlide Preset. NMM Fallout 4 Mods not enabling (Recently got a new PC) #973.